10 Things You’ll Definitely Find On the Trade Expo Floor

  1. All Things REALTOR® – If there was an Amazon one-stop for all things REALTOR®, this would be the place. If you want a Call For Action Button…got it. If you want smart home info…got it. Need a hoodie…yep…got it.
  2. Booths Galore – Browsers and window shoppers rejoice. You can spend four hours or more in one room and get a feel for everything in the real estate world.
  3. Commercial Real Estate Information – An entire zone is dedicated just to our Commercial REALTORS®. Enjoy education, networking, and a good soft seat.
  4. Consulting – Hundreds of industry experts are waiting for you to show up for one-on-ones in their booths.
  5. Education – Whether peer lead or pro lead, you’ll be hard-pressed to find an aisle void of education and learning opportunities.
  6. Games –  Come on. It’s been a busy week. Sometimes you just need to play a game. Win a horse…give it to my kids. You know you wanna.
  7. Marketing – If you’re struggling with lead generation, sphere building, or print works, you’ll find 100s of solutions.
  8. Stars – The blue carpet morphs into red carpet throughout the day as Bravo TV Stars and Olympic medalists get shoulder to shoulder with guests.
  9. Technology – Virtual reality tours. Client management systems. Web portals. The list is endless.
  10. Friends – Of course, my favorite, seeing old and new friends. Some I saw yesterday. One I haven’t seen in five years. Happiness abounds.

9-Time Featured Attendee

Brian Copeland is the 2019 Vice President for Association Affairs for the National Association of REALTORS®, and is founder and CEO of Doorbell Real Estate in Nashville, TN.

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