Boston Hotel Strike

The Red Sox won the World Series, and it’s parade day in Boston! My hotel is on the parade route, and I’m excited to see the celebration. Although the parade starts at 11:00 AM, at 7:00 AM I heard drums, whistles and synchronized yelling. It’s an early start for all the festivities, but hey…it’s Boston, a city rich in culture and tradition. Why not?

Do a quick morning stretch, grab a cup of tea, look out the window, and realize those noisemakers aren’t for celebrating, they are protesters. My little group talked about the strike on the Uber ride from the airport to the hotel. Because we arrived at the hotel after 8:00 PM, the lobby was lightly populated so checking in was a breeze, and the concierge was friendly when asking for a quiet place for dinner. It wasn’t until we went to the bar for a nightcap that we first felt the hint there was a strike happening. The bartender was a bit rookie, and a manager was also slinging cocktails. It didn’t stop us from receiving a beautifully made craft cocktail. A gorgeous lemony vodka delight that was tart but not bitter. I highly recommend it.

I’m curious how the strike will affect us. I’m a NAR director and on the Women’s Council California Leadership Team, so I will be traveling back and forth from the Sheraton Boston Hotel to the Westin Waterfront on a daily basis. The idea of crossing picket lines is already causing me angst. When the REALTORS® Conference & Expo is in full swing will the protesting and limited service be a hindrance?

I’m hopeful. After all, we are REALTORS®. We are tenacious and adaptable. I have a feeling that we will take this in stride, and by the end of the week, we will be making lemons out of lemonade. Or, in my case, enjoying more of those lemony vodka delights at the Sheraton lobby bar. See you there!

First-Time Featured Attendee

Eileen Oldroyd is the broker and owner of Oldroyd Realty in Mission Viejo, CA. Because she is a self-confessed over achiever in leadership and gives easily into peer pressure, Eileen jumps at the chance to be a committee chair, a mentor, an educator or a president of several volunteer organizations. According to Eileen, those who live with integrity are obligated to step out of the shadows and into the light so they may influence the mindset of servant leadership.

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