Idea Exchange

Knowledge is Power. We are here because we want to make a difference. We want to understand and resolve the challenges the industry faces. The first hour of this morning’s idea exchange grouped states according to number of REALTOR® members: small, medium or large. The focus was to identify specific issues and success strategies. For the next hour, we all got together to review the issues we talked about in the earlier session. Elizabeth Mendenhall, John Smaby, and Bob Goldberg attended the second session to hear the concerns and tell us about various NAR initiatives. This is informative and inspirational!

3-Time Featured Attendee

Raphael Barta is President, The Idaho REALTORS®, 2018 and 2019. His real estate practice is focused on commercial investments, and large acreages; the balance is luxury residential properties. He has been a broker for about 15 years and prior to that, a developer of commercial properties. Raphael’s REALTOR® passions are community building and political advocacy.

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