Welcome to Boston!!

It is my first time here, and I have to say I’ve truly enjoyed my first 24 hours here. Everyone is more than happy to help an out of towner figure out where the Walgreens is, the best place for dinner, and well, how proud they are of their Red Sox.

As my fellow conference attendees are hitting town, I thought I’d drop a few tips I’ve learned since I’ve been here.

  1. We’re staying at the Sheraton…where a lot of conference stuff is happening. If you are NOT a guest at the Sheraton, please PLEASE always have your badge on. Due to the strike, security is posted at the front and back entrances. (The back entrance being from the Hynes Center). You need to show either a room key for the Sheraton or your conference badge. I’m also learning that REALTOR® bling – your RPAC pin, etc. can work as well, but I’d definitely stick to the badge. It also makes a great business card holder!
  2. The shuttle schedule can be found here. PLEASE plan a little extra travel time between the Boston Convention and Event Center (BCEC) and the Hynes location.
  3. Yes, it’s a touch chilly for us desert inhabitants, but it really isn’t that bad. Layers are the key, as are gloves and a scarf. If you forget those, and you’re staying at the Sheraton, the Under Armor store in the mall surrounding the Hynes Center is the place to go if you don’t want to pay $150.
  4. As far as the strike goes – yes, they’re out there in front of our hotel, but they keep to themselves. Be respectful, don’t walk through their lines, and just go on about your day.
  5. Starbucks does exist in Boston but, if you’ve never had coffee from Dunkies, treat yourself. Plus donuts.
  6. I hope you brought comfy, walking around shoes. If you didn’t, go get some, and wear them when you’re out and about or going from site to site at the convention. Be careful on the sidewalks – they aren’t all concrete, and the pavers can be a bit uneven.
  7. The forecast calls for rain Friday and Saturday. If you didn’t bring an umbrella, get one.

Lastly, if you haven’t downloaded the convention app, please do. It’s got some great new features (rate the presenters, for example) and it will have the latest convention news as well as updates if locations change for meetings, classes and so on. You can get that app here as well as tips on setting up your schedules. Make sure you fill out your social media profile and make it public so folks can find you!

If you are cruising around and get a little lost on your journey, don’t be afraid to ask someone with the convention badge or a wonderful NAR staff person.

I hope you have an incredible time in Boston! Drink it all in! #OwnIt!!!

4-Time Featured Attendee

Emmary “Emmy” Simpson is a REALTOR® and Military Relocation Professional (MRP) with Realty One Group Integrity/Tucson and Las Cruces Homes and Land in Las Cruces, NM. A REALTOR® since 2010, she serves her REALTOR® community on the local, state and national levels on Risk Management committees. She also proudly serves as the Education Chair for the Beverly Carter Foundation.

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