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The Inaugural Gala, a.k.a. REALTOR® Prom, is always a highlight for me since it brings our family together in one room. We know when there are 25,000 members here busy going to meetings, it can get tough to go beyond just saying hello and rushing off to your next meeting. We get to dress up, we get to break bread together, and really enjoy the company of others.
I ran into Julie Minto (Member Involvement Liaison), Mary Dykstra, our Community Engagement Liaison, Deborah Baisden from VA, and Fritzi Barbour, from SC at the Marriott—and we were quickly rushed into a normal taxi cab for a very tight ride. What we didn’t realize was that this was going to be a 25-minute ride to the Expo and had a fantastic time violating each other’s personal space in the car. In jest, we told the driver that we were here for a big Alabama conference, and somehow, the conversation turned into finding out the driver was stuck in a bathroom with a tiger and even showed us a picture on his phone of the tiger! While we were freaking out!. He quickly added, “It wasn’t THAT tiger, but something like that.” 
We tuned out from there and kept checking the map to make sure we weren’t going in circles, but we got there just in time.
Of course, the gala provided the newly installed President John Smaby to speak. He told everyone something that really stuck with me: “[REALTORS® are] committed to those we serve, committed to those we serve with.” I agree. This is why we do this everyday. I’m truly inspired about the future of our organization.
That being said, it’s great seeing your friends, meeting new people, and it was a beautiful event. Who doesn’t love the opportunity to dress up? If anyone wasn’t able to attend or decided not to go, I would encourage everyone to make it part of their “must-do” for next year. It’s inspiring to see my friends getting installed and I want to congratulate everyone on your service our amazing organization. 

5-Time Featured Attendee

Tim Hur is a national speaker who has been actively selling for 12 years since graduating from Georgia Institute of Technology. He currently the Managing Broker for Point Honors and Associates, REALTORS®, a boutique real estate firm located in Metro Atlanta.

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