Did You Know We Are More Segregated Today Than in 1920?

Zeke Morris is the chair of the Fair Housing Act Anniversary Implementation Group. What does fair housing mean to Zeke? Simply put: “uncomfortable.” There comes the point when we need to commemorate the Fair Housing Act, but not celebrate. Why? Because we have a long way to go! Our friends from the Birmingham Alabama REALTORS® explain this well in their video “An Untold Story.”

Fair housing makes us stronger! We have work to do, and we’ve got a long way to go. In today’s session, Lisa Rice, President and CEO of the National Fair Housing Alliance, gave a short talk on fair housing and social media including the case against Facebook.

Fair housing is still needed. Did you know?

  1. America’s cities are more segregated today than they were in 1920
  2. Acts of hate crime and violence are on the rise – 31% of most hate crimes happen closest to a person’s home.
  3. Over 4 million instances of housing discrimination occur annually – most are unreported
  4. Private fair housing centers process over 70% of housing discrimination cases
  5. America’s dual credit market keeps communities of color trapped in high-cost debt cycles.

Discrimination today is much subtler in hidden algorithms on social media. These algorithms are based on hundreds of data sets that can determine someone’s creditworthiness to purchase. Facebook formally allowed advertisers to exclude every ethnic group, except white Americans, but because of the National Fair Housing Alliance, Facebook has turned this feature off. With data today, if you give me your address we can tell everything about your life, income, the likelihood your kids will graduate from high school, and more.

“A zip code should not determine your child’s future.”

“Fair Housing is the best opportunity for business.”

During the second portion of the session “Fair Housing & the LGBT Community” David Siroty, Chapter Liaison NAGLREP, provides insights on the community. What is NAGLREP? A community with 2100 members and 26 chapters in the United States. 53% of surveyed NAGLREP members produce $4+ million in sales volume per year. The buying power of the community is nearly $1 trillion. LGBT–owned businesses contribute $1.7 trillion into the United States economy, equal to the 10th largest economy in the world according to Freddie Mac.

The desire to own a home in the LGBT community is growing. Almost 60% of the LGBT community lives in an urban area, but as of today, they are not included in fair housing protections. Siroty says, “this cannot continue”. We must help and support everyone that wants to own a home. The industry needs our support on bill H.R. 1447.

“It’s time to help the LGBT community escape what goes on within our communities.”

Discrimination is real. 20% of the LGBT community remain renters because of fear of discrimination. 21% believe their LGBT clients will experience MORE discrimination than years past. 25% believe their LGBT clients will experience the SAME discrimination as in years past. The NAGLREP website receives 75,000 unique visits per month. Real life testimony from the website.

“My wife and I had a rather homophobic agents experience yesterday. Glad we found you. Can you help us out? Thanks!”

For more information on fair housing go to the National Fair Housing Alliance and National Association of Gay & Lesbian Real Estate Professionals.

“If we advance fair housing, we will broaden our market and the ability to make a profit and bring happiness to our clients.” Lisa Rice

Lisa Rice nfha@nationalfairhousing.org

David Siroty Dsiroty@naglrep.com

5-Time Featured Attendee

Carrie Little is an active licensed real estate broker in Illinois. As a licensee she has the privilege of being a contract trainer for Midwest Real Estate Data, one of the largest MLS companies in the U.S.

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