Expo Grand Opening and General Session Impressions

The NAR business and governance meetings here in Boston, MA have been in full swing for several days now, but Saturday marked the grand opening of the Expo and the General Session.

The Expo is as impressive as ever. Technology is definitely a major driver in the vendors present, and the Green Pavilion continues to expand as the sustainability and environmental movement continues to gain traction and influence over the industry.

The General Session included:

  • An amazing Boston-style drum and fife entrance and rendition of the national anthem
  • Opening remarks from 2019 NAR President John Smaby
  • Recognition of the Five NAR Good Neighbor Award recipients
  • The state and territorial REALTORS® of the Year
  • Insight from the outgoing 2018 NAR President Elizabeth Mendell
  • President Mendenhall’s live on state interview of film and TV star, Mark Wahlberg

President Mendenhall asked Mr. Wahlberg many questions in the lengthy interview. Many, if not most, of the questions were business and leadership rooted. The highly successful star and businessman was definitely motivational and inspirational.

4-Time Featured Attendee

Currently serving on the NAR RPAC Fundraising Trustee Committee as 2016-2019 Region 7 (IL, IN & WI) Trustee, Christopher is a committed REALTOR® Leader and has served on the Local, State & National levels of the REALTOR® Association and on Numerous National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Institutes, Societies & Councils Committees.

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