Speakers: Monica Neubauer, TJ Pierce, Jamie Slough, Mor Zucker, and Dave Caskey

Multi-Platform Marketing for Maximizing Content Session Recap

This session was filled with great tips for where to share your listings and other content on the internet. Every listing you have, and the fabulous professional and carefully chosen casual photos and videos you have, provide fodder for blogs, social media posts and an ongoing collection of content for SEO gathering on your website. This can be a lot of work managing the photos, videos, and blogs for your business. We learned a few tips to help you not be overwhelmed.

  1. Time on a task over time yields results. Do what you can regularly in 2-3 main venues and you will be surprised what has accumulated over that time and the fruit it will bring. Many of the results do take time, but they do work over time.
  2. Choose the venue and format you like best. Do you like photography? Take your own photos. Do you like writing? Do short blog posts about neighborhoods, or events. Video is growing in popularity, but there is still lots of room for newcomers. Disrupters welcome.
  3. Pay attention to who your audience is and what they want to see. Why are they following you and what do they hope to see on your social media or other communications? Keep giving them what they want so they will keep coming back to your website and social media. And here’s a hint, for the vast majority of us, they are not coming to learn about listings. They want to learn about you and your expertise in your town.
  4. Have live offline meetings that you can promote in your media. Get to know people face-to-face and develop new relationships that have a business focus.
  5. Work with the local and national news media. Get opportunities to be quoted so you have more material to share with your followers. It takes time to be known here, but you can connect with local and national news media because they do need new material all the time.

The new year is coming. Make a goal for what new kind of media you want to market in and how will you do it. Making a plan will help you execute it better and will improve your results over just thinking about it. Good luck and have fun!


2-Time Featured Attendee

Monica Neubauer is the host of the Center for REALTOR® Development Podcast. She is a national speaker at association events and an instructor for CRS, REBAC, and REBI. In 2015, the Williamson County Association of REALTORS® awarded her REALTOR® of the Year, and in 2014 REBAC presented her with the SRES Outstanding Service Award.

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