NAR Sustainability Advisory Group Gathers in Boston

Following the release of NAR’s 2017 Sustainability Report and the NAR 2018 C Summit, the rubber for NAR on the topic of sustainability is truly beginning to meet the road.

An incredible amount of talent and brain power by a vast group of subject matter experts and leaders had poured heart and passion into lifting up this new official advisory group, but also the recent Sustainability Report, as well as the new NAR Sustainability Program Strategic Priorities as a result of the two-day summit earlier this year.

Today’s advisory group kicked off by 2019 Chair Todd Shipman and 2019 NAR President John Smaby. Todd’s passion and diligence have helped to move this effort ever forward dramatically and expediently over the last several years. The 2018 NAR Leadership Team has blessed the Strategic Priorities. There is also hope and thought that this advisory group might ultimately become a full-fledged NAR committee in the very near future.

The Sustainability Program Strategic Priorities fall into the three categories: demonstrate, educate and replicate, and advocate. Before breaking out into discussion round tables, the advisory group heard reports from NAR committee chairs: Dutch Dechert, Insurance Committee; Kathy McQuillin, Land Use, Property Rights, and Environment Committee; and John Rosshirt, Smart Growth Advisory Board.

After years of work by so many amazing individuals, the topics of sustainability and green are firmly on NAR’s mind and embedded into our future vision. Over the last decade, I’m very proud to have been there to watch this movement grow, not only legs but now wings!

4-Time Featured Attendee

Currently serving on the NAR RPAC Fundraising Trustee Committee as 2016-2019 Region 7 (IL, IN & WI) Trustee, Christopher is a committed REALTOR® Leader and has served on the Local, State & National levels of the REALTOR® Association and on Numerous National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Institutes, Societies & Councils Committees.

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