The Original Boston Cream Pie

I’m a sucker for old traditions and great desserts. When the NAR Conference was in New Orleans, my “must-do” list included standing in line for America’s first donut, Café Du Monde’s beignets. Sitting outside and listening to the street jazz performers while navigating through a pile of powdered sugar on top of freshly made hot pillows of dough was epic!

While searching for epic donut shops in Boston, eight Dunkin Donuts locations took up the first web page, but a mysterious link showed up on the second page: Boston cream pie. Of course! It’s not a donut, but it’s Beantown’s most famous confectionery creation. Time to do more reconnaissance.

If you want to get the original, go to the Omni Parker House. They started serving this sweet treat in 1856 when it was Boston’s Parker House. After the citizens experienced the buttery cream, light cake, and delectable chocolate topping, it went viral and soon it was made in turn of the century kitchens all across the United States.

Wait, did I say cake? Isn’t it pie? In fact, the Boston cream pie is not a pie at all, but a two-layer golden cake filled with pastry cream. The Boston cream pie has been distinguished as Massachusetts’ official state dessert.

After the Saturday RPAC Major Investor Celebration, we packed a taxi and headed over to the Omni. There was a small wait to get into the lively historical bar that overlooks School Street. Our Boston cream pies arrived, and we huddled over the circular delights with guilt-free enthusiasm. One bite and we knew it was a perfect Boston experience.

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