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Every year that I’ve attended NAR Annual, there are great learning experiences that happen that are not a part of the official conference agenda. Sometimes it’s a good conversation with a colleague from across the county over a beverage; other times it’s getting to see something the local sights in a new city.

This year, one of those moments came during the Washington REALTORS® reception on Thursday night. Past State President Mark Kitabayashi has served several years as the NAR Presidential Liaison to Japan. In that role, he serves as a point of contact between NAR’s 1.4 million members and the real estate industry in Japan.

During the reception, we got to witness the signing of a memorandum of understanding between Japan and Malaysia. These agreements allow for the exchange of data and information, as well as provide for cooperation and collaboration on things that impact the real estate industry.

It’s easy to take for granted the systems we have in place that allow for the real estate industry to operate the way that it days here in the United States – particularly the multiple listing services. Only a handful of countries have MLS systems as the norm for real estate transactions.

Part of NAR’s global program is working with industry professionals around the world to create a fair and level playing field for the real estate transaction that both protects the consumer and provides the opportunity for real estate professionals to thrive.

Agreements like this memorandum of understanding are part of the way NAR does that, and it was a special experience to get to witness NAR’s global work in action.

2-Time Featured Attendee

John Blom is a member of the 2017 NAR Leadership Academy and is passionate about taking the leadership skills he has gained through volunteering with his state and local REALTOR® association out into the community. In addition to serving on several non-profit boards during his eight-year real estate career, last year he ran and was elected for a seat on the Clark County Council.

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