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Designations and certifications can truly set an agent apart. When I head to a real estate conference, my husband jokingly tells me to have fun with the “Letter People.” If you are attending the NAR Conference, you have already shown that you are a professional that values education and strives to be the best! Visit the NAR Booth at the Expo to learn more about any or all of the courses provided by our association.

Today at the Expo, I had the opportunity to share my business card with a couple of staff members at the NAR Booth. I was surprised to hear that they had not seen a business card that so plainly highlights an agent’s education. About a year ago, I decided that I would use the back of my business card as a conversation starter. It displays all of my NAR certifications and designations. Persons outside of the industry and many licensees don’t know what the initials are for, but by putting them on my card, it allows me to share my level of professionalism. They often ask, “What is all that?” I proudly share that I have attended hundreds of hours of education that help me to better serve my agents and clients. I sometimes simplify the explanation by explaining that, “When you see lots of letters behind an agent’s name, it usually means that they possess a much higher level of knowledge and professionalism.” Attending classes, earning certifications and designations, and marketing them appropriately will help you stand above the real estate crowd. Share your story, your education, and experience! Market your knowledge to become the trusted expert.

2-Time Featured Attendee

Proud mom of three awesome kids, a REALTOR® and community volunteer. Michelle Walker founded STL Buy & Sell, REALTORS® in 2006 and has grown her brokerage to nearly 50 agents serving the St. Louis Metropolitan Area. Her motto is “Give Back to Get Ahead.” She was the 2017 St. Charles REALTORS® President and serves on the MARIS (MLS) Board of Directors.

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