Parting Shots

I am heading to the airport shortly so I thought I would write a few more comments. I attended the Sustainability Advisory Group as a member. This group is helping NAR implement a planning process that many major corporations are using called “Triple P.” It looks at people, planet, and profit. Like the three-legged stool, if we are not in balance in these three legs it is at best an uncomfortable sitting experience, at worse, we land on our butts.

I participated at NAR’s Sustainability Summit in Denver where many group members, some experts, and the involved staff gathered to see how we as an organization could implement these ideas for the benefit of our members and the organization. We shifted the great contributions of the group down to one document that, I am delighted to say, was unanimously accepted. At the group meeting, we announced this and got to work on further prioritizing and focusing on what we can achieve and the most effective place we can put our staff and volunteer resources.

Other parting shots: I love Boston, but do not like it for our convention. I can live with the weather, but after Chicago last year, it would have been smart to go south. What I really dislike was that governance and expo/education were in different parts of town, so it made it hard to fill time with activities that seem so inviting. I spent too much time in transit, sometimes starting moving to the buses an hour ahead of my next event and getting there just in time.

Mark Walberg is wicked smart. What a demonstration of focus and confidence.

For the General Session, I liked having the international flags all out there. How about some international music moving into our US patriotic music when our flag comes out. Does not the UN use Beethoven’s Ode to Joy?

I love the Good Neighbors; they always move me deeply.

Thanks to Core Logic for throwing a great party again.

And welcome to Hunter, the Wells Fargo giveaway horse is joining our stable. My wife is happy.

See you all next year in San Fran!

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