Introducing Zavvie’s CEO

When a friend asks you for a favor, you don’t ask questions; you simply say yes.

At least, I do.

So, when my friends at Zavvie, a fantastic company that is part of the NAR REach® Accelerator program, asked me to introduce their CEO Lane Hornung (pronounced “Horn-ing” 😉 ) this weekend at the conference — I did just that. 120 seconds to talk about me, Lane, and their amazing product. No biggie. I was honored that they asked me and so excited to represent them on stage.

Somehow I missed that I would be introducing them on the MAIN STAGE in the GRAND BALLROOM in front of oh about about 500 people (GULP).

I wrote out what I wanted to say, practiced a few times, and then it was time. We were first. Lane and I stepped up on stage and within seconds, the excitement translated into nerves and the dreaded shakes. I felt them. No denying it. So I am gonna #ownit (as any REALTOR® should). For those who have spoken in public you know, once the nerves hit all you can do is just breathe and keep going. I tried to listen to Mel Robbins “5, 4, 3, 2, 1.” I summoned up my courage. And I just kept going.

Several of my friends were in the audience and they were great. They clapped, cheered and “woo hoo’d” for me. I was proud of myself for stepping up and stepping onto the stage, and I am sure I was fine. But, I also know a nervous presenter can take away from the message they are trying to convey. My content was on point. The product is awesome. Lane did an amazing job of presenting his company’s vision and I fully support what they are doing. So let me take this opportunity to share a few things from my intro about Zavvie.

Zavvie is all about enabling REALTORS® to be THE hyperlocal market expert.

Like my idol Gary Vee says — to be successful in real estate you MUST be the digital mayor of your town. In my case its SoMa (South Orange/Maplewood, NJ). I live it, breathe it — VALUE IT. To the point where I created my own hyperlocal market hashtag #somalifenj.

Hyperlocal isn’t just a cool buzzword. It is a proven strategy that generates financial results. After all, aren’t we in business to make money?

My hyperlocal strategy has given me credibility in my community, helped me become THE local SoMa market expert, and provided me with a solid base of business despite any potential industry disruption. And that, my friends, is just good business.

Lane got it. He founded Zavvie because he saw what a difference being true hyperlocalists in their communities can do for REALTORS®. It produces real results. This is what drew me to Zavvie in the first place. Zavvie connects with community members and potential clients on their home turf. They establish a report AND trust with homeowners before handing them off to established hyperlocal agents — LIKE ME (point, pause, and smile). What could be better?!

Need another reason to love Zavvie?

How about Zavvie’s CEO Lane. He has a history of success with other successful prop tech companies — ZipRealty and COhomefinder. He is also a Stanford honors alum, Marine helicopter pilot, successful entrepreneur…the list goes on and on. Perhaps even more impressive is the fact that he practices what he preaches. Lane is a REALTOR® and a broker/owner of 8z Real Estate in Boulder, Colorado — an independent brokerage with more than 150 agents who sell more than a billion dollars in real estate annually. Not too shabby.

I really am proud to share this message about what my friends at Zavvie are doing to help REALTORS® do better and be better for their clients and for their business. If you didn’t meet with them at the NAR REach® Accelerator booth this weekend go to and connect with them there. I guarantee you will be happy that you did.

2-Time Featured Attendee

For nearly a decade, Tracy Freeman has had the pleasure of being a REALTOR®. She has proudly listed, marketed, and sold homes for her clients as an individual agent. She has been a buyers’ agent for one of the most productive real estate teams in New Jersey. She has also managed and trained one of the most productive real estate offices in the country.

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