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We’ve heard phrases such as “raise the bar” for years. At all association levels — local, state, and national — we’ve been having ongoing conversations among members, volunteer leaders, and staff for what seems like forever. Our members clamor for it; the public deserves it.

Add C2EX to your lexicon.

One of our strengths is that we welcome real estate licensees to our associations, grant them access to the benefits of membership, and use the REALTOR® name — all for the price of dues. The criteria to become a licensee actually rests within state law — and we all know that these criteria vary from state to state. So in that way, one of our strengths can also be our weakness. If “anyone can join,” how do the best among us demonstrate an added commitment to our profession? As a national association, we can’t go out to all 50 states to change laws. Instead, we need to find a different path — then make sure that consumers truly know and understand the difference.

One of the tools in that tool box will be C2EX. At our Region 12 meeting yesterday, we had the benefit of Mark Gould, SVP — Member Development, speak to our group and present some of the why’s and how’s of the C2EX roll out. It had been talked about at other governance meetings this past week, and he reported that already hundreds of members have logged in to check it out and get started. I was one of those; I had taken some time last week to explore the site, and so far, really like what I see. Mark explained that once we have a critical mass of members engaged in the site, we can then roll it out to consumers.

And as he said, we can’t mandate excellence, but we can inspire it. So go be inspired, share the message, and bring some fellow REALTORS® along with you.

On a personal note, I’ve so thoroughly enjoyed serving as state President this past year. I want to give a shout out to my Oregon peeps for all their support and inspiration as well!

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Steve is a principal broker based in Portland Oregon, and maintains a broker license in Wisconsin too. He is serving as 2018 President at the Oregon Association of REALTORS®, and has served in leadership within NAR Global. When he is not selling real estate or leading and coaching his agents, you’ll probably find him on a muddy or dusty running trail.

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