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Always an import stop on the annual Governance Meeting process is that of the Region Caucuses. Post-State Caucuses, the 13 NAR Regional Caucus cover important material prior to the meeting of the NAR Executive Committee, and then culminating at the NAR Board of Directors and Delegate body meetings.
This year’s Regional Caucuses were no exception in terms of organizationally critical materials to cover. Many fine members of staff and volunteer leaders speak and present to the members in attendance, including the State Association Presidents and, of course, the Regional Vice Presidents (RVPs). Of course in our case, my friend K.C. Maurer, the Region 7 RVP.
It has been and honor to serve my region (Region 7 – IL, IN, WI) as one of our two RPAC Fundraising Trustees (2016-2019). My counterpart, Dan Lawler, (of WI) and I have truly enjoyed teaming up to not only help our region with the RPAC fundraising efforts, but to also collaborate at these meetings in committee—and especially come before the caucus to report on our successes and challenges.
The national RPAC investments received year-to-date have already exceeded $33MM, which puts us at 98% of the 2018 FR goal. We have also done extremely well by reaching our major investor goal, at 100% and climbing, and by shattering our President’s Circle goal at 144% thus far. We have much to celebrate in this numbers. However, we are still a ways away from achieving out national RPAC participation goal of 37%, which is currently at 33%. We need all hands on deck to get this done before the December 19 transmittal date! On behalf of all of our NAR RPAC committees (Fed. Disbursement Trustees, Fundraising Trustees and the major investors, Participation and Corporate Ally Councils) we need everyone to help us get there. Only together can we reach this goal!

4-Time Featured Attendee

Currently serving on the NAR RPAC Fundraising Trustee Committee as 2016-2019 Region 7 (IL, IN & WI) Trustee, Christopher is a committed REALTOR® Leader and has served on the Local, State & National levels of the REALTOR® Association and on Numerous National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) Institutes, Societies & Councils Committees.

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